We stock a variety of annuals throughout the year! From impatiens, portulaca, to marigolds, salvia, coleus, and geraniums, we’ve got the right plant to brighten and add color to your garden. We also have an assortment of hanging basket plants, from ferns, to wandering jew, lantana and spider plants!


We have daylilies! We have hostas! We also have many other things to choose from, like coneflowers, angel trumpets, and lantana.

Winter Annuals/Perennials

There’s a lot going on here when it’s cold outside! From many different colors of Chrysanthemums to pansies and winter cabbage and kale, we’ve got something to keep your yard looking “warm”, even when the weather isn’t.


Let us help you spice up your kitchen! We have many different types of perennial herbs to choose from, as well as a large variety of tomato and pepper plants [seasonal]!


Drift Roses® are here! We also carry numerous selections of the ever popular Knockout Roses® and single and double blooms.

Encore! Encore!

Talk about double trouble! But that’s a good thing if you like azaleas, because the well known Encore Azaleas®  bloom twice a year! We have a nice selection of these, as well as many other azalea varieties such as pink & white gumpo, george tabor, pink ruffle, girard’s scarlet and many more!


Hydrangeas, nandinas, boxwoods, gardenias, juniper, spirea, hollies, lilacs, oh my! There’s too many different shrubs to list here! We offer a great selection of wildly popular items, and also unique plants to spice up your landscape [‘black dragon’ cryptomeria is a beauty!].

Crape Myrtles

Hands down one of the most popular shrubs [small trees in some cases] around, we stock natchez, sioux, tuscorara, muskogee and the brilliant red dynamite and others.


From a great choice of Oaks, Willows, and Maples to more unique specimens like Ginkgo and Bald Cypress, our field grown trees are set to impress! Come by to see these and many others to choose from.

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